Cream Ridge, NJ                    08514                (609) 649-9236

We are Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue of Cream Ridge NJ!  Founded in 2014 and seeking our 501c3 Status.  We are a rescue of Puppies that are brought to us from high kill areas.   Our puppies come up through regular transports almost on a weekly basis.  All are health certified by a veterinarian local to whatever shelter we pull them from. From the time they arrive til the time they leave we only have one thing in find the best FUREVER homes possible for all of our puppies!  


Where do our Puppies come from?  All our puppies come from the south.   Some puppies have gruesome stories to tell, and others are just surrendered over to shelters. Whatever the story, however it plays out, we all want one thing! Caring, loving adoptive families who want to give these pups an AMAZING HOME!


We are unique in that we socialize our puppies from the day they arrive in NJ.  They are well started into crate training and partially housebroken.  Socializing occurs by means of our community of children, teens and adults.  They come and play with our puppies every day!  They see new faces, they get rewarded with treats and best yet…the word gets passed around that our puppies are AMAZING!


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